SPONSORS and partners

With the support of our sponsors, we are lucky to offer you a quality programme and experience! Discover the members of the Festival family.

becoming a sponsor

With a new visual identity, a entertainment programme and a sponsorship concept, our festival is now in a new phase of its development. 

This is a key moment in our history, during which you have the opportunity to position your company in an exclusive way and join long-term sponsors such as the Grisoni Group and Vitogaz.

Media partners

RTS Radio Télévision Suisse - Logo

Platinum balloon sponsor

Grisoni-Zaugg SA - Logo

Gold balloon sponsor

Gruyère énergie SA - Logo
Vitogaz - Logo

argent Ballon Sponsors 

M&BD Consulting SA - Logo
Banque Raiffeisen Alpes Riviera Chablais Vaudois - Logo

institutional partners

Loterie Romande - Logo
Alliance culturelle - Logo

official Partners

Amis du Ballon - Logo
Ballons Château-d'Œx - Logo
Commune de Château-d'Œx - Logo
Centre Alpin International De Ballons à Air Chaud - Logo
Communes de Rossinière, Rougemont et Saanen - Logos
Espace Ballon - Logo
Pays-d'Enhaut Région - Logo

knowledge Partners

Caves de l'Etivaz - Logo
CF Immobilier Compagnie foncière SA - Logo
Colin Karlen - Logo
Turrian & Kohli SA - Logo
Logo Quincaillerie Daenzer
Early Beck - Logo


JPF - Logo
TPF - Logo
Logo MOB
Logo TPC
Lumison Sàrl - Logo
Origine Sports - Logo
Logo Orgatent
Logo Chabloz transports
Logo Securitas
Logo Obrist
La Semeuse - Logo
Logo Boxer
Morand - Logo
Logo Henniez
Logo Air-glaciers
Logo CSS Stocker
Müller Marketing - Logo
Logo Obrist
Orgatent - Logo
Bernhard Mösching - logo
Logo Bowling
Hôtel Roc et Neige Château-d'Oex - Logo
Berdoz Paysagistes - Logo
Maison d'hôtes Ermitage Château-d'Œx - Logo