45th edition from the 26th of January to the 2nd of February 2025

Every day is a new adventure! Between the opening weekend, the competitions and the passenger flights, discover the programme of the 9 days of the festival.

The 2025 edition is currently being prepared! The programme and all the activities will be announced in autumn 2024.


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You can find the answers to most of your questions in our Festival FAQ!

Important information

The use of drones is not allowed during the festival. Only media authorised in advance by the organisation may take shots with a drone. The International Balloon Festival reserves the right to prohibit all access to the airspace!



During the 9 days of the festival, permanent activities are organised in addition to the animations!
balloon FLIGHTS

balloon FLIGHTS

Would you like to take a balloon flight during the festival ? Passenger flights are organized each day enabling you to enjoy this unique experience !


A range of activities are organised to allow young and old alike to soak up the magical atmosphere of this unique event !

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