During the festival

Enjoy the unique experience of flying in a hot-air balloon ! And what could be better than flying during the festival ?

Make yourself comfortable in the basket and get ready for a unique experience ! 

After taking off, all you have to do is enjoy the spectacle unfolding before you. Beneath your feet, the take-off field gets smaller and smaller until it looks like a model ! 

In front of you, the mountains of the Pays-d'Enhaut reveal their rocky cliffs. You can try to spot Mont Blanc, the Jungfrau, and even the Matterhorn when the weather is clear. 

You will be carried along by the wind to your landing spot !

Every day at 9.30 am or at 3:00 pm.

Meet 30 minutes before your flight time.
A 40-minute flight. Total duration of 3h~ (inflation, take-off, flight and return by minibus)
The basket's size depends on the size of the enveloppe. The number of passengers can vary between 6 and 12 people.

Private flights are also possible and can be booked online.
The flight will only take place when the weather conditions are favourable and the flight is safe.

If the weather doesn't permit us to fly, it may be postponed depending on availability (during or after the festival).
Adult (from 16 years old)       CHF 350.-
Child (minimum 1.25m)          CHF 210.-

Private flight (max. 3 pers.)    CHF 1'600.-

Special prices for groups (from 8 people) on request by email.
Online: credit card or Twint
At the event: bank card, Twint or cash
Online booking is only available for morning flights.
 Afternoon flights can only be booked directly the same day at the festival.
During the festival, flights cancelled due to bad weather can be refunded on site free of charge.

Information to know...

  • Warm clothes and winter shoes are recommended
  • A medical certificate is required from the age of 80. Please consult your doctor because the balloon can go up to 3500 m of altitude.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed on board.
  • Children must be at least 1.25m tall (approx. 8 years old and able to look out of the basket) to fly.
  • The entrance ticket to the festival is included in the price of the flight on presentation of the flight confirmation.

For people with reduced mobility

Special basket seats are available to enable people with a disability to discover the pleasures of a balloon flight.

  • 1 adult with reduced mobility at CHF 350 + 1 accompanying adult at CHF 210.
  • 1 child with reduced mobility for CHF 210 + 1 accompanying adult for CHF 350

Reservations only by email toinfo (at)

helicopter flights

Take to the skies and discover the festival from the air! Air-Glaciers helicopters will take you on your first flight in the skies of Pays-d'Enhaut. Available throughout the day at weekends, flights take place above the balloon take-off field.

Price (book at the site)
Children (aged 2 to 12)       CHF 55.-
Adults                                   CHF 65.-

Rotation every 5 minutes



Ballons Château-d'Œx offers balloon flights taking off from Château-d’Œx throughout the winter as well as the summer !


Depending on the weather, tethered flights for children (5 to 12 years old) are available at weekends. (Limited number of spaces and booking at the site.)


All pilots wishing to take part in the 43rd Château-d’Œx International Balloon Festival should contact us ! 

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