During the festival, various activities are waiting for you! Discover the world of balloons and the Festival's partners.

Tethered flights

To introduce your children to the pleasures of balloon flight, tethered flights are scheduled in the area around the launch field on weekends (depending on the weather and wind conditions on the ground). Attached to the floor by several ropes, the balloon can take off from a few meters before coming down

When? During weekends and Wednesday afternoons
Where? Near the take-off field
How much? CHF 10 per child from 5 to 12 years old. Tickets are sold directly on site (no advance booking is possible)

Espace Ballon

The Espace Ballon introduces you to the history of the balloon and the world of aerostation, as well as revisiting the adventure of the first round-the-world balloon flight in 1999. During the International Balloon Festival, the Espace Ballon is open every day. In addition, the museum offers a creative space for children where drawing is the main activity, which allows them to give free rein to their imagination. A gift and souvenir shop also awaits you in this place dedicated to balloons!

The "Celebrities at the summit" conferences also take place in the Espace Ballon !

When? During the 9 days of the Festival
Where? In the village square of Château-d'Œx
How much? Free with the Festival pin

Philatelic Exhibition

The Pays-d'Enhaut Philatelic Club will be present during the festival. An exhibition will regroup, as well as other collections, all the mail carried by balloon during the 43 previous editions, and various collections and postcards of the region.

During the week, a hot air balloon will carry in its basket, as it does every year, a Pro Juventute letter, specially edited (limited edition 200 copies) for the Balloon Festival. On landing, the postman on board, who is the guarantor of the mail, will transmit the precious item to the nearest Swiss post office for validation. It will be possible to purchase the envelopes of this flight, as well as those of previous years, in the exhibition hall from the Philatelic Club table. Orders can also be placed by email (rolandoguey (at) or at the Espace Ballon.

When? Weekends: 10am-12pm and 1pm-5pm | Wednesday afternoons: 1.30pm-5pm
Where? In the Château-d'Œx Town Council room at the Hôtel de Ville.
How much? Free with the Festival pin

Cheese cellars L'Etivaz AOP

The cheese cellars of L'Etivaz AOP invite you to discover life on the mountain pastures in virtual reality. During the summer season, the farmers, accompanied by their families, join their alpine chalet to make the delicious cheese wheels. Equipped with your virtual reality headset, meet a family of L'Etivaz AOP producers and take part in the different scenes of life!  

With the Festival pin, you can also watch the cheese cellars film for free directly at the Etivaz!

When? On weekends and Wednesday afternoons
Where? In front of the Landi Hall
How much? Free

Image enfant


Au travers des animations, tout est mis en œuvre pour que petits et grands puissent s’imprégner de l’atmosphère magique de notre manifestation unique!
Vols passagers

Vols passagers

Envie de prendre votre envol durant le festival ? Des vols passagers sont organisés tous les jours afin de vous permettre de vivre cette expérience unique !
Tarifs et accès

Tarifs et accès

Retrouvez toutes les informations concernant les prix des entrées et des animations ainsi que les moyens d'accéder au festival.

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